Trademark Registration

Trademark registration in Indonesia helps protect the owner’s rights and file lawsuits if anyone uses the trademark without authorization.

In general, a trademark is anything that can distinguish a person, company, or legal entity. Trademarks are considered intellectual property, and as such the Directorate General of Intellectual Property is the main regulatory authority that approves trademark applications.

In Indonesia, piracy often occurs and even well-known world brands are often victims. Since it takes several months, usually more than a year, to get a trademark certificate, it is important that you register your trademark as soon as possible, especially in Indonesia where the “first come first served” principle applies.

Trademark Registration with EvadaID

Intellectual Property Rights Consultant

Foreign applicants for trademarks are required to process the application through a local intellectual property consultant with a Power of Attorney and Declaration of Rights such as EvadaID.

Trademark Market Research

EvadaID will ensure that the trademark you are about to register has not been registered by another entity and agrees that your trademark is in accordance with the Trademark Law and has religious and general values in Indonesia.

Certified Translation

Since your trademark application must be submitted in Indonesian, EvadaID will translate all mandatory documents and ensure your application is understood by local people.

Trademark Application in Indonesia

Once done with your research, finding a business consultant and translating all the documents, your trademark registration is ready to go. Alternatively, you can contact EvadaID and we will do all the preparations on your behalf and submit the application.


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