Spouse Visa

Eligibility of partner-sponsored KITAS

Foreigners are allowed to get a temporary residence permit (KITAS) which is valid for one year. After a single extension, in other words, after two consecutive years living in Indonesia with a KITAS, this temporary permit can be changed to a permanent one known as a KITAP.

Advantages of Having a partner-sponsored Permits

After obtaining a spouse visa in Indonesia, foreigners are entitled to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Long stay in Indonesia up to 5 years
  • MERP (Multiple Exit / Re-Entry Permit) validity: 2 years
  • Can have a National Identity Card / KTP with a validity period of 5 years
  • Can have a driver’s license / SIM
  • Can open bank accounts, apply for loans and credit cards in Indonesia
  • Can have a Self-Reporting Certificate / SKLD with a validity period of 5 years
  • Can make reservations for 4 and 5 star hotels at local prices
  • Can be an Indonesian citizen
  • Can work for a spouse or start a business in Indonesia as a solo entrepreneur without additional work permit application (contact us for more details)
  • Can have joint ownership of property with a partner

Spouse Visa Application in Indonesia with EvadaID

Indonesia is taking a major step forward, and many legal processes can be carried out online. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to spouse-sponsored visas unless you don’t mind leaving Indonesia and submitting an application from abroad.

Save Time and Cost

Government institutions in Indonesia are centralized with most of the offices located in Jakarta. If your Indonesian spouse does not have a permanent address in Jakarta, be prepared to travel as your application must be approved by three immigration offices, which are likely to be in different cities.

EvadaID as your Visa Agent

By appointing EvadaID as your visa agent, you don’t need to visit the immigration office yourself. We will ensure that your visa application package has all the required documents and helps you apply for or extend your visa under applicable regulations.

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