Payroll Processing

Payroll processing in Indonesia is one of the challenges facing companies today.

Business growth, administrative burdens, and the many routine changes in government regulations complicate the payroll process in Indonesia. In reality, managing payroll requires an investment of time, knowledge of local regulations and labor force – this is why the payroll process that is carried out by a company can be quite complex.

It is also important to understand the regulations related to taxes and labor in Indonesia because the calculation of payroll will affect tax reporting and social security.
Outsourcing Payroll Process in Indonesia

EvadaID is a professional outsourcing and payroll service provider. We offer services to small, medium, and large companies in Indonesia.

EvadaID guarantees that your raw payroll data will be processed according to the latest regulations in force in Indonesia and provides other types of services, such as taxation and after-payroll audits so that you can really focus on the core of your business.

Payroll processing from EvadaID includes:

  • Monthly payroll calculation.
  • Monthly tax calculation.
  • Monthly tax reports (SPT Masa 1721 and 1721-II).
  • National health insurance
  • Fund transfer report.
  • Salary slip.
  • Annual tax reports (SPT 1721A1 and 1721-I).
  • Payments for salaries, taxes and health insurance.
  • Audit after payroll.

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