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Our legal advisory services will help your business find its ‘home’ in Indonesia

Doing business in a country that is not your home country is a challenge. You are not familiar with the environment, culture, customs, and habits, and last but not least, the laws of the country. We understand that trying to understand every regulation and law may overwhelm many foreign entrepreneurs. This is why EvadaID exists.

We have in-house legal consultants and lawyers who have been providing legal advice and assistance for years to clients from various parts of the world who wish to start a business in Indonesia.

Apart from that, we also provide legal analysis services for clients to better understand the business environment in Indonesia before entering the Indonesian market. Our legal services include the establishment of a business entity as well as applying for general and specific permits based on the business sector in Indonesia. For timeframe and cost, it all depends on the objectives and business sector the client is requesting. Legal consulting services can be provided through in-person consultations (face-to-face or phone calls) as well as comprehensive presentations.

Whether you want to set up a business entity or obtain a license for your business in Indonesia, we are here to help.

Contact us today and we will immediately respond with a free offer along with the information you need about doing business in the Indonesian archipelago.

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