Land & Property Ownership

Indonesia is a country in Asia that has great opportunities and is one of the fastest-growing countries among the G-20 countries. Indonesia’s construction market was around $ 267 billion in 2015, and is now the largest economy in Southeast Asia and is among the top four in Asia after China ($ 1.78 trillion), Japan ($ 742 billion), and India (427 billion). IN 2016, the construction market is estimated to reach 14.26%, or around IDR 446 trillion. Indonesia is a developing country with a wide range of business opportunities for investment gain. Indonesia also has characteristics that can confuse investors and destroy the investment climate, such as corruption and regulation of ownership of foreigners who wish to invest. Based on government regulation no. 103/2015 against homeownership for foreigners living in Indonesia, thus allowing foreigners to reside (legally) in Indonesia can own houses and land in Indonesia for up to 80 years.

EvadaID provides the necessary information and helps you understand all the steps in the investment process below:

  • Prepare a list of potential investments based on your needs.
  • Provides analysis for selected investments.
  • Conduct local negotiations to initiate investment.
  • Manage your holdings.

We professionally arrange the best safe and convenient way for your investment needs.

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