Halal Certification

The halal industry in Indonesia has become a gold barn for many investors. Of course, this is not mere talk because Indonesia has the largest Muslim population; 14% of the Muslim population worldwide. 250 million Indonesians, 88% are Moslem. In 2017, 1.8 billion Muslims took over 24% of the population globally, the largest population growth of any religion.

Neighboring Islamic countries, such as Malaysia and Brunei, have put a lot of pressure on and focused on the potential of the Halal Industry. Indonesia, has not made a mature plan for Halal regulation. The following guidelines will give you a definite idea regarding the latest standards and processes in Halal Certification.

To clarify, having a halal certificate is a company decision, but the government’s efforts to make halal certification a necessity are very clear. Besides, concerning the size and potential provided by the halal industry, certifying your product will lead you to a bigger consumer and benefit your business.

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