Financial and Operational Resilience

Withstanding Force Majeure Events and Other Financial Stresses through the Financial Resilience Program and Business Operations

The current COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the world and local economies and has had a significant impact on various business and industrial sectors, especially hospitality, tourism, aviation and logistics.

In an effort to support businesses and companies and help them survive these difficult situations, we have developed a Business Operations & Financial Resilience Program that will help you weather the storms. Under any circumstances, resilience and stability are two important factors that help maintain business continuity.

Objectives of the Financial Resilience & Business Operations Program in Indonesia

Designed to assist and provide support to companies of all sizes, the Financial & Business Operations Resilience Program will provide benefits for companies that:

  • Struggling because of decreased profitability in the short and long term
  • Troubled with cash flow
  • Not being able to meet financial obligations, and
  • Grappling with a high proportion of debt to equity.

Expectations from the Financial & Business Operations Resilience Program

By joining our Business Operational & Financial Resilience Program, you and your business will get an in-depth analysis of financial performance. Our team of financial experts will highlight the current risks as well as the potential risks of your business from a variety of perspectives, including cash flow and profitability.

We have developed a set of financial KPIs for a Business Finance & Operations approach that can be flexibly adapted to your business model.

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