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We help you understand Indonesian labor law better and handle labor matters professionally

The establishment of a legal entity is always accompanied by legal rights and obligations, especially those related to the employment relationship between employers and employees. Employers must understand and implement the Manpower Law according to Law No.13 of 2003 and all related regulations issued by competent institutions appropriately and accurately.
Our services related to labor law help you to handle HR matters in full with the following details:

Employment Agreement: Customization or Template

EvadaID can provide draft labor agreements that are generally used in various business sectors as well as employment agreements that can be customized according to client requests. The agreement includes general rules regarding employment in Indonesia that comply with the law, internal employer policies, employee rights, and obligations, etc.

Preparation of Company Regulations

EvadaID helps clients formulate company regulations (also known as Employee Handbooks according to Indonesian Manpower Law), employer internal policies and mutual agreements between employers and employees.

The services provided are as follows:

  • Legal consultation with our consultants, HR specialists and / or lawyers
  • Legal interpretation of labor regulations
  • Preparation of company regulations

Employment Notification

Specific skills are required to draft legal notification letters, such as employee warning letters and termination letters. A warning letter is an official letter given to an employee for committing wrongdoing or breaking the law. Meanwhile, the termination letter states the status of employment as well as the rights and obligations that must be fulfilled from the legal action.

Both notification letters are important for employers to avoid claims or even unnecessary demands from employees due to errors in the interpretation or implementation of labor agreements, company regulations and labor laws.

We will assist by offering legal assistance and background analysis, compiling relevant regulations for implementation and issuing the letter.


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