Business Document Revision

Ensuring all documents contain the latest information is very important when doing business in Indonesia

Once your company is established in Indonesia, you generally have obtained general permits such as AKTA, SK, NPWP, Domicile, Business Identification Number (NIB) and other commercial permits depending on your business activities. Once your company is up and running, remember that making sure all documents contain the most recent information is very important.

In general, business documents consist of:

  • Company Identity (Name and Address)
  • Shareholder Structure (Directors, Commissioners and Shareholders)
  • Business Activities
  • Company Capital

If your company wants to make changes to some of the areas above, you are required to make document adjustments. In accordance with the change in the structure of the company, documents that require revision are:

  • Company identity

If you change the company name and address, you must revise all documents. The period of revision depends on whether you move tax administration to another city or are still in the same city. If you stay in the same city, the process will take approximately one month. If in other cities, the process takes approximately two months. The longest process occurs when the taxpayer identification number is mutated.

  • Shareholder Structure

If you plan to change the name of the director, all documents will have to be revised, which will take approximately one month. However, if you only want to change the structure of shareholders and commissioners, you only need to change the AKTA and SK, which will take approximately three weeks.

  • Business Activities

If you plan to add or change business activities, you will also have to revise all documents, which will take about a month. This is usually required when you want to be involved in tenders and projects. Remember that for some business activities, several other commercial licenses are required before you can run the company.

  • Company Capital

If capital adjustments are required, you must revise the AKTA, SK and NIB. The revision takes about a month. Capital adjustments are usually required when you want to enter tenders and change business activities, which require a certain minimum capital. For Local companies, adjustments are usually required when you want to hire foreigners as the minimum paid-up capital required is IDR 1.1 billion per expatriate.

Ensuring your business documents contain the most recent information is important for maintaining your identity and running your business. Apart from all the reasons above, the Indonesian government also sometimes requires changes in documents to follow the latest regulations.

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