Audit and Review

A financial report audit is a systematic examination of financial books, accounts, documents and vouchers to prove the company’s compliance with legal obligations and the accuracy of the information presented in the financial statements.

In other words, expenses and income, all data must be collected and analyzed to determine the financial flows and development of your company and to prevent the results of government checks that are not pleasant.

Choosing the right auditor is an important step to ensure the accuracy of all accounting activities in your company. The auditor will help you review the company’s financial processes, revenue cycle, expenses, etc.

Audit and Review Services by EvadaID

In Indonesia, auditors and accountants are regulated by the government. EvadaID provides accurate high quality audit services; and accordingly meet the requirements set by Indonesian regulations.

Our audit services in Indonesia include:

  • Administrative tidying.
  • Review of financial accounting standards
  • Internal control review
  • Tax compliance review
  • Audit evidence, transaction and test sampling
  • Audit & risk management program
  • Audit procedures
  • Audit working paper
  • Management Letter
  • Client Representative Letter
  • Public Accountant Legalization – registered with Bank Indonesia
  • Audit Report for Financial Report

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